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Stunning natural landscapes. Vast stretches of rich farmland. Beautiful country estates under clear, starry skies. Sound like your idea of paradise? Then welcome to Sturgeon County, Alberta's premier rural destination.

Are you in the market for a dream home in a wide-open rural environment where the pace of life is blissfully slow and peace and quiet reign supreme both day and night? Look no further than Sturgeon County, Alberta, conveniently situated less than an hour north of Edmonton (even though it feels like worlds away). Depending on where you live in rural Sturgeon County, you can even be in Edmonton or St. Albert in 10 minutes flat.

Punching the clock with the urban masses then disappearing into a sprawling panoramic wonderland in a handful of minutes is a reality for many who reside in Sturgeon County. Many others, however, have the luxury of both living and working within county limits. A hotbed for the gas, oil, petro, and chemical industries, Sturgeon County is part of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, a collection of over 40 large-scale energy operations.

Feeling cramped in the big city? Stretch your legs out in Sturgeon County, which boasts 2,300 square kilometers of farmlands and open spaces. A sparsely populated area, rural Sturgeon County consists largely of country estates on vast plots of acreage. In the MLS for rural Sturgeon County, however, you’ll also find a fair share of both newer and well-established homes in traditional, subdivision-style neighbourhoods.

As with any spread out rural community, you’ll need your own vehicle to bum around rural Sturgeon County, which is not generally walker-friendly. The Edmonton Public Transit buses, however, are accessible from the Edmonton Garrison in the county. If you’re making the daily trek into Edmonton, it’s a viable option.

Sturgeon County consists of 1 city (St. Albert), 5 towns (Gibbons, MOrinville, Legal, Bon Accord, and Redwater), and 100-plus unincorporated localities and hamlets. Real estate throughout Sturgeon County is varied, but as a rule of thumb, the further you travel north you travel from St. Albert, the more sprawling the landscapes and housing developments become.

Quaint, small hamlets where you’ll find both historic homes and brand-new homes for sale in rural Sturgeon County include Carbondale, Cardiff, Alcomdale, Pine Sands, and Mearns. In many of the “designated places” and localities that dot rural Sturgeon County, 50 or fewer people are spread out over several hundred acres. Plenty of empty lots are available throughout the area as well, making rural Sturgeon County the ideal place to construct your own dream home.

With their proximity to Edmonton, residents of rural Sturgeon County are within an hour of a wide range of galleries, theatres, museums, eateries, music venues, and sporting events. But that doesn’t mean county dwellers are completely dependent on “The Big E” for entertainment. A surprising number of artist studios and galleries are located in Sturgeon County, along with a plethora of historic and cultural sites (including the ethnically colorful Murals of Legal and the Musee Heritage Museum in St. Albert).

Outdoor attractions in Sturgeon County include a dozen quality golf courses, the Sandy Lake Wilderness Area, and the multipurpose Cardiff Park in Morinville. Rural Sturgeon County is also home to numerous campgrounds, fishing destinations, horseback ranches, and bed and breakfasts overlooking scenic vistas. For anyone who appreciates the Great Outdoors at its most serene, rural Sturgeon County is the place to be.