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Rural Parkland County -- it's a wide-open natural wonderland where you'll find clear, starry skies, unspoiled natural vistas, and a wonderfully relaxed pace of life. It's also where you could find the home of your dreams in a few simple clicks.

Many who call Parkland County home reside in the city of Spruce Grove or the town of Stony Plain. But for others, even those supremely laid-back locales have a bit too much hustle and bustle. If that mentality rings true for you and yours, then the sparsely populated rural Parkland County is probably your cup of tea (chamomile, no doubt). Situated about an hour west of Edmonton, it may as well be millions when you compare the hectic pace of “The Big E” to the uber-serenity of rural Parkland County.

Although the county is located within commuting distance of the big city, few residents actually have to make the daily trek to Edmonton to earn a paycheck. An economically independent county, Parkland is the site of the mighty Acheson Industrial Area, a 10,000-acre business hub that’s home to more than 200 companies. Agriculture plays a prominent role in the local economy as well, and much of the county's landscape consists of multi-acre plots of farmland. Other industries that have strong presences in rural Parkland County include gas and oil, forestry, power generation, and advanced manufacturing.

Real estate in rural Parkland County comes in all varieties, except for cookie cutters and high-density dwellings on cluttered, busy streets, which, blissfully, do not exist. Much of the county’s real estate is situated on vast acreage, while you’ll also find a fair share of well-established and historic ranches in quaint, tiny hamlets and villages. Plenty of undeveloped but available spaces are up for grabs in rural Parkland County, making it the perfect place for those who cherish country living to build their dream homes.

The overwhelming majority of homes in rural Parkland County (88 percent) are detached single-family dwellings – no surprise when you consider that, according to Statistics Canada, 70 percent of residents are married. Still, there are plenty of starter homes and small bungalows ideal for singles spread throughout rural Parkland County as well. As long as you appreciate peace and quiet, you’ll fit right in.

Like pretty much any rural area, the Parkland County municipal district does not operate a public transit system. Also, like pretty much any rural area, Parkland County is generally gridlock-free, and you’re more likely on most days to hear the roar of a combine engine than the cacophony of car horns.

Rural Parkland County includes more than 200 unincorporated localities with populations ranging from a few hundred people to 50 or less. Villages within Parkland County include Spring Lake and Wabanum, while hamlets include Carvel, Entwistle, and Tomahawk. But no matter where you choose to buy real estate in rural Parkland County – Beach Corner or Rolling Meadows, Birch Hill Park or Dawn Valley – you’re guaranteed to live in a sparsely populated and tranquil environment where your closest neighbor is almost always Mother Nature.

If you love the Great Outdoors, you’ll fall in love with Parkland County. Plan a fishing or canoeing expedition to the Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area in the summer or a skiing or snow-hiking excursion during the winter months. Gather up family and friends for a tubing adventure down the Pembina River, smell the roses at the 190-acre Devonian Botanic Garden, or explore the scenic trails at the Clifford E. Lee Nature Sanctuary. A must-see for visitors of all ages, the Alberta Fairytale Grounds features enchanted forest trails where you can spot not only birds and wildlife but fairies, princesses, and other mythical creatures. Other family-friendly outdoors attractions include Pegasus Stables, where you can experience the beauty of rural Alberta’s hills, valleys, and meadows on horseback, and the wildly popular Edmonton Corn Maze.

Parkland County is also home to 13 golf courses, numerous fishing destinations, and Wababum Lake Provincial Park, a popular camping, boating, and waterskiing destination during the nice-weather months.