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A vibrant and revitalized city 60 km east of Toronto on the shores of Lake Ontario, Oshawa boasts some of the Golden Horseshoe's most affordable and attractive real estate.

Oshawa is a remarkably diverse city, home to substantial numbers of South Asians, African-Canadians, Chinese, and Aboriginal peoples. Traditionally a premier destination for European migrant workers, it also includes significant Polish, Russian, Slovak, and Germanic communities. An historic city with a palpable youthful vibe, Oshawa is also home to more than 10,000 college students studying at Durham Collage, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, or Trent University. Whether you’re a College Joe or a retiree, a lifelong Canadian or an immigrant, you won’t feel out of place in this colorful melting pot.

For more than a century, General Motors Canada was (bad pun alert) the driving force of Oshawa’s economy, earning the city its “Automotive Capital of Canada” nickname. Auto remains a major player today, but the city’s economy has expanded and diversified to include other industries like I.T., health and biosciences, and advanced manufacturing. With new white-collar businesses sprouting up every year, the days of Oshawa’s residents either working at GM or trekking to Toronto to earn a paycheck are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Still, much of the town retains a distinct laid-back, blue-collared vibe.

Once Southern Ontario’s best-kept secret, the city has experienced a population boom in the new millennium. Enticed by relatively low housing costs, easy access to Toronto, and lots of new housing in the northern sector, new residents are moving to Oshawa by the bus load (actually, most are driving Chevrolets). City planners expect the population to reach 175,000 by the year 2023 (compared to 156,000 in 2014), making Oshawa one of Canada’s fastest growing municipalities.

A few parts of Oshawa, including some of the smaller southern neighborhoods and the downtown area, are quite walker-friendly. Most of Oshawa, though, has the look and feel of any sprawling, wide-open suburb, making a reliable set of wheels an absolute necessity. What else would you expect from the “Automobile Capital of Canada?”

If, like many residents, you work in Toronto or Hamilton, feel free to leave your wheels in the garage from 9-5 and hop aboard the GO trains, which give you easy access to the entire Toronto-Hamilton area. The city is also serviced by an extensive fleet of Durham Region Transit buses.

Homes for sale in Oshawa run the gamut from spacious, multi-story houses in extravagant, tree-lined neighborhoods to cozy little starter homes on densely populated streets. Generally, if you're in the market for a large, modern house for sale in Oshawa, your best bet is to look north, where you'l find several subdivisions with newly constructed ranches, townhouses, and split-levels. The most affluent and "suburban-feeling" neighborhoods are situated north of Rossland. North Oshawa, unsurprisingly, includes the city's priciest and most luxurious houses for sale.

Still, others find South Oshawa to have more character. More historic, densely populated, and ethnically diverse, South Oshawa has more of urban-industrial vibe and is a popular choice for singles, renters, and first-time homebuyers.

This is Southern Ontario we’re talking about, so it's no surprise that Oshawa is a nature lover’s nirvana. Along with an array of parks, playgrounds, trails, and scenic lakeside views, the city is home to a botanical garden, multiple world-class wildlife reserves, and an outdoor adventure park. If you enjoy biking, take a ride on the 27-km paved biking path that showcases some of the city’s most picturesque views and serene sittings. Or plan a picnic on the sandy beaches of Lakeview Park, go ziplining at the eco-adventure park, or take the kids to the highly interactive Oshawa Zoo. The city is also home to a paintball park and outdoor laser tag facility and has playgrounds, ball fields, and ice rinks everywhere you look. Needless to say, Oshawa is ideal for families with kids.

Oshawa is popular among history buffs as well. The iconic Parkwood Estate (a National Historic Site) is located in the city, along with the Canadian Automotive Museum and the Oshawa Military Museum. Not immune to cultural attractions, Oshawa also boasts the largest public art gallery in the region and numerous smaller galleries and theatres. For your shopping, dining, and drinking needs, visit the born-again downtown area, where the walls are decorated with murals and the streets are dotted with shops, services, eateries, and pubs. And if you really want to get crazy, hop aboard a GO train and you'll be kicking back in one of the world's most active nightlife hotspots a mere 60 km down the track.