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Located 30 km north of Toronto in the shadows of the royal Oak Ridges Moraine, King is a laid-back, scenic little township with a wide range of attractive and affordable housing options.

If you’re a city slicker during the 9-5 hours but a country lover at heart, you’ll feel right at home in King. Situated so close to Toronto, many in the kingdom of King hold down jobs in the big city before returning to their own world, where the spaces are wide open, the horse farms are countless, and they're more likely to encounter a cattle stampede than a traffic jam. Sound like a good place to call your home? Does the average cow produce 8 gallons of milk a day? It does, and it does.

Although the majority of King residents work elsewhere in the Greater Toronto Area, King lays claim to a slowly growing economy of its own. In the King City area, for instance, construction jobs remain plentiful, while the education sector (primarily the local Seneca College campus) employs about 15 percent of the city’s overall workforce. King is inhabited largely by married couples, families, and retirees, but the 1100 students at Seneca add a splash of youthful vibrancy to the supremely laid-back city.

Real estate in King runs the gamut from brand-new homes on spacious suburban lots to modest starter houses in historic neighbourhoods. From castles fit for, yes, kings to far less majestic residences ideal for first-time buyers, King has a dream home for one and all.

Very few people in this sparsely populated township rely on anything but their own cars to bum around town. Still, the city does offer its residents a couple public transit options (York Region Transit buses and GO buses/trains) that can come in handy in places like King City and Nobleton, where the pace of life is noticeably busier.

Taxis? Like most rural areas throughout Southern Ontario, you’d have better luck hailing a tractor than a taxicab in King. Of course, the absence of screeching tires and blaring car horns is probably a reason you’re moving out to the country in the first place.

Much of King’s land mass is occupied by multi-acre plots of private farmland with large chunks of open space and forested areas in between. Along with neighbor Bradford West Gwillimbury, King is home to the fertile wetland known as the Holland Marsh, the “vegetable basket” of Ontario. Cattle and horse farms are plentiful as well.

As for those in King who don’t grow radishes and squeeze cows' teats for a living? The communities of Nobleton, Schomberg, and King City house the majority of all the King’s ladies and all the King’s men.

King City includes the Seneca College campus and is one of the few areas serviced by both the York and GO buses/trains. A mixture of modern and historic single-family detached homes dominates the housing market in King City, although a smattering of duplexes, townhomes, and condos can be found as well.

Nobleton, meanwhile, is nestled between forests and hills and straddles the line between suburbia and ultra-rural farm country. Several horse farms are situated along the eastern border, while a handful of densely populated subdivisions can be found in the northern and southwestern sections. A glut of new homes, condos, and townhouses has sprouted up in Nobleton in recent years, making it a great place to start your house hunt if you're looking for a post-New Millennium residence.

The third main residential hub, Schomberg, is a rural/suburban community tucked away between the Oak Ridges Moraine and the Holland River. Like Nobleton, it includes a mixture of well-preserved historic homes along with a growing number of brand-new townhomes, condos, and freestanding houses.

Active adults and children of all ages will find no shortage of activities in King, which is home to multiple biking, hiking, and walking trails along with numerous multi-purpose sports parks. Recreational camps are extremely popular in King, and many adolescents spend parts of their summers or winters learning or fine-tuning their sports, drama, arts, or dance skills. Other kid-friendly amenities include a trio of skating/shinny arenas, a skateboard park, wakeboarding facility, and waterskiing centre.

Of course, living in King means, for all practical purposes, that you live in Toronto. Hop in your car and 20 minutes later& you could be soaking up a lifetime’s worth of culture, entertainment, and dining in an alpha world city unlike any other in the Great White North.