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Situated on the southern shores of Lake Simcoe along the far north edge of the Greater Toronto Area, Georgina is a city whose beauty is nearly unrivaled in the Great White North.

What’s better than visiting an uber-aesthetic little town that boasts wide open spaces everywhere you look and 52 km of sandy Lake Simcoe beaches? How about living in it? Hardly just a “cottage country” that’s fun to visit when you’re in the mood to fish or boat or soak up some sun, Georgina is home to many quality neighbourhoods, schools, and amenities that make it a great place to reside full-time.

Many residents make the trek to Toronto (about an hour’s drive south) to earn a paycheck, but Georgina is home to an expanding economy of its own built largely around the tourism industry. And with the Keswick area in particular primed for major economic expansion in upcoming years (to the tune of 6,500-7,500 new jobs), even more residents will soon be able to live, play, and work without stepping foot outside city limits.

Of course, living in a tourism-driven beach community with charming lakeside cottages in every direction is bound to cost an arm and a leg, right? Hardly. Housing costs in Georgina are on par with the rest of the province, and residents’ income levels are comparable also. Along with sprawling, multi-bedroom homes ideal for big families with deep pockets, the city includes plenty of smaller starter homes perfect for singles and the (well-rested) kid-less among us.

Public transit is limited in Georgina and requires advanced planning, but the York Region Transit buses do connect the township to its neighboring communities. Your best bet, obviously, is to use your own car to bum around most of the time -- and save your legs and your bike for the Lake Simcoe Trail.

Much of Georgina’s landscape consists of small, rural communities (Willow Beach, Udura, Pefferlaw, etc.) dominated by farmland and forestland. The main residential hubs are Jackson’s Point, Keswick, and Sutton. Jackson’s Point is known primarily as a resort harbor filled with bed and breakfasts, camping areas, and rental cottages, but it does include a variety of housing options for permanent residents as well. Some of the most charming and coveted historic cottages and homes for sale in Georgina are located in Jackson’s Point.

Sutton is a largely suburban, family-friendly community situated a couple miles south of Lake Simcoe. Homes for sale in Sutton run the gamut from executive mansions to modest-sized ranches and townhomes. Exuding a colorful Upper Canadian village vibe, Sutton is a quaint little community that houses a wide range of demographics and age groups.

Keswick, situated on the Cook’s Bay portion of Lake Simcoe, is Georgina’s main residential hub and includes the bulk of the new housing developments that have sprouted up in recent years. Keswick also includes dozens of timeless lakeside cottages considered by many the most prized real estate in Georgina.

In most Ontario cities, locals stow away into their heated homes when the winter freeze begins. In Georgina, they bundle up and go join the tourists on the Lake. “The Ice Fishing Capital of North America,” Georgina is Ontario’s premier ice fishing destination and plays hosts to thousands of coffee-sipping tourists angling for pike and walleye throughout the winter. Glance out your back window in the middle of January and there’s a good chance you’ll see ice-fishing huts dotted across the entire scene. Georgina also features Ontario’s most extensive network of snowmobile trails. When the snowfall begins in this unique part of Ontario, the fun just begins.

During the nice-weather months, the 52-kilometre stretch of Lake Simcoe shoreline attracts a mixture of joggers, picnickers, fishermen, tanners, people-watchers, water-skiiers, and beer-tasters. Other outdoor attractions in Georgina include 7 neatly-manicured golf courses, a fish and bird sanctuary, butterfly museum, skate park, and numerous nature reserves, conservation areas, and walking trails.

Popular cultural attractions include Georgina Pioneer Village, the Stephen Leacock Theatre, and the Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery. The city is also home to a wealth of galleries, museums, theatres, and heritage sites. And, of course, if you’re really in the mood be entertained, you’ll find a lifetime’s worth of culture, nightlife, and hullaballoo an hour away in the big city.