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Conveniently situated 40 kilometers north of Calgary along the Queen Elizabeth II Highway, Crossfield is a tight-knit, family-friendly town that's home to some of southern Alberta's most desirable real estate.

How do you feel about taking root in a gorgeous rural community where the pace of life is blissfully slow and the majestic Canadian Rockies loom in the near distance? If wide-open spaces, unspoiled natural views, and a quiet, peaceful way of life is what you’re after, you can’t go wrong with Crossfield.

While its proximity to both Calgary and the rapidly growing business hub of Airdrie makes it an extremely commuter-friendly town, Crossfield also boasts a gradually expanding economy of its own. More than 250 businesses have set up shop in Crossfield, and the number continues to grow. Industries with strong presences in the town include manufacturing, warehousing, construction, retail, and oil and gas services. A mighty cog in Alberta’s food production industry, it’s also home to an abundance of wheat, canola, oats, barley, cattle, and dairy farms.

Like most towns and cities in the Edmonton-Calgary Corridor, Crossfield has experienced a population boom in recent years, from less than 2,400 in 2011 to more than 2,800 by 2014. Still, it remains a sparsely populated town where you’re more likely to hear a combine roar than a car horn blow. There’s no such thing as overcrowding in Crossfield, as the town’s housing consists of a mixture of country ranches and cottages on multi-acre plots and subdivision-style homes on wide, roomy streets. And with housing options ranging from titanic 2-story residences to basic bungalows and mobile homes, Crossfield has a dream home for big spenders and bargain buyers alike.

Crossfield doesn’t operate a public transit system. Fortunately, its convenient location along the Hwy 2 Corridor gives residents easy access to Calgary and beyond.

Outdoor amenities available to residents of Crossfield include a splash park, golf course, and numerous fish ponds, parks, trails, tennis courts, and sports fields. The city is also home to a curling rink, rodeo arena, modern library, and a smattering of unique eateries and pubs.

Even though the city feels like a whole different world, living in Crossfield essentially means you live in Calgary. Within a half-hour, you can be catching a Flames game at the Saddledome, listening to the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, hanging with the Humboldt penguins at the Calgary Zoo, or venue-hopping among countless galleries, theatres, museums, and watering holes.