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Situated on the easternmost edge of the Greater Toronto Area, Clarington is the largest community in the Durham Region and, some say, the best. Considering the city's wide range of housing options, amenities, and attractions, it's difficult to argue otherwise.

In a region where nearly every city is expanding, none are growing faster than Clarington, whose population projects to reach nearly 97,000 by the year 2016 (compared to less than 78,000 in 2006). Why the population boom? For one, a wide range of new homes have sprouted up in Clarington recently, ranging from grandiose estates fit for millionaires to modest starter homes (and everything in between). Even with all the new residences, though, Clarington is largely rural, with the wide-open countryside dominating much of the landscape. Still, other areas of the city feel like any comfortable, laid-back Ontario suburb, while other sections, like Bowmanville, exude a distinct urban vibe. No matter what pace of life you prefer, you’re sure to find an area that’s a good fit for you in Clarington.

Bird watchers and nature lovers of all types are continuously drawn to the serene, picturesque Clarington, and tourism is one of the reasons many shops, eateries, and bed and breakfasts thrive there. Other industries with strong presences in Clarington include manufacturing, construction, retail, and healthcare. The city’s close proximity to Oshawa makes Clarington a convenient hometown for General Motors Canada workers. And with Toronto an easy 83-km trek down Ontario 401, Clarington residents also have easy access to economic opportunities in the big city.

The Durham Region Transit buses run several routes throughout Clarington and also extend into Oshawa. The city also has GO busses connecting Clarington commuters to the trains at the Oshawa GO (which then connect to Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga, and anywhere else you’d like to go in the region).

Still, Clarington is largely a car-dependent city with wide roads, lengthy distances between pit stops, and an absence of sidewalks in many neighbourhoods. You can use public transit to supplement your commuting needs, but having your own vehicle to run most errands is highly recommended.

Clarington consists largely of sparsely populated rural communities where farmland and unspoiled open space reign supreme. If you’re in the market for a house for sale in Clarington in a quiet – like, really quiet – neighbourhood that’s free of any hint of hustle and bustle, rural communities like Enniskillen, Newtonville, Hampton, or Mitchell Corners may be your cup of tea (chamomile, most likely).

Clarington’s three most densely populated areas, on the other hand, are Newcastle, Courtice, and Bowmanville. Newcastle sits on the eastern edge and has seen a large influx of residents in recent years, especially in the Port of Newcastle area. Featuring large, newly-constructed, Cape Cod-style homes on the shores of Lake Ontario, the Port area is a popular choice for families with children, retirees, and couples alike.

Situated on the western edge, Courtice has the look and feel of a well-kept bedroom community and is ideal for Clarington residents who make the daily commute to Oshawa or Toronto. New real estate in the Courtice neighbourhood can be found largely in the southern half, while well-established houses, townhomes, and condos are spread throughout the central and northern sections.

Bowmanville is the city’s largest community and features a mix of well-established and brand-new real estate. The northeast and southwest corners have seen the biggest housing boom in recent years, while the neighbourhood also includes a variety of older, more historic homes near its quaint downtown core.

The tiny village of Orono, meanwhile, is perhaps the city’s most pastoral area and bristles with old-world charm. Orono also has a walker-friendly downtown that features numerous eclectic shops, eateries, and historic buildings. If the idea of living in a home that even remotely resembles a cookie-cutter displeases you, check out the MLS listings for Orono, where practically no two houses are alike.

Like much of Southern Ontario, Clarington’s greatest attraction is Mother Nature. The city boasts numerous parks, fields, campgrounds, nature areas, splash pads, pools, and waterfront trails that lead hikers, bikers, and walkers to some of the city’s most scenic views. Other popular attractions include the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Bowmanville Zoological Park, Jungle Cat World in Orono, and several golf courses and rec centers.

Need to take a break from the daily grind and have some adult fun? Sip some vino at Archibald’s Orchards & Estate Winery, or make a toast at one of the pubs lining the downtown Bowmanville or Orono streets. And of course, with Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, and the rest of the Golden Horseshoe just a stone’s throw away, you’re never more than an hour’s drive from a lifetime’s worth of kicks and culture.