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Are you a "safety first" kind of house hunter? Then look no further than Caledon, Canada's safest and arguably most picturesque community, for the house of your dreams.

Caledon is a city unlike any other in the Greater Toronto Area. A largely rural landscape with a smattering of hustling, bustling urban areas intermixed, it offers the best of both worlds. Imagine a 700-kilometer stretch of scenic countryside, conservation areas, and wildlife preserves interrupted by the occasional densely populated hamlet or historic village, and you get the picture. Unsurprisingly, Caledon is an outdoors enthusiast’s paradise and is a popular destination for Toronto-area daytrippers looking to soak up some of nature’s most inspiring and unspoiled landscapes.

Real estate in Caledon runs the spectrum from chic condos and lofts to suburban ranches and townhouses to sprawling country estates on large plots of farmland. Caledon is an economically diverse city, with the manufacturing, real estate, healthcare, education, agriculture, construction, and retail industries all claiming a piece of the pie. Many residents work in Bolton, the city’s major urban center and business hub. Others continue to make the daily trek to Toronto, about an hour away.

Caledon was recently named the safest city in all of Canada for back-to-back years by Maclean’s magazine. Even in the “busy” Bolton area, crime rates are remarkably low, while hijinks, shenanigans, and hooliganism is practically nonexistent in many of the smaller hamlets like Snelgrove and Cheltenham. Low crime rates are one of the reasons Caledon continues to attract married couples and families with children, who make up a large part of the city’s population (over 75 percent).

Throughout much of Caledon, you’d have better luck finding a large deer or family of Downy woodpeckers to ride to work than a taxi or public bus. Lack of public transit, of course, is just a small price to pay for living in a wide-open natural wonderland like Caledon.

Currently, there isn’t a government-funded public transit system in Caledon, but the GO Transit buses do operate a couple routes that connect Bolton to its neighbouring communities. But hey, even if you have to take your own car almost everywhere, at least you have the Niagara Escarpment or Oak Ridges Moraine to gaze at during heavy traffic periods.

Much of Caledon consists of woodsy, sparsely inhabited land interrupted by large farmhouses sitting on multi-acre plots of land. The city also includes several smaller hamlets where time seems to have stood still. If you prefer a hint of hustle and bustle, check out the multitude of homes and townhouses for sale in the Bolton area. Home to more than 26,000 residents and featuring a quaint and historic downtown with the Humber River running through it, Bolton is the residential and economic heart and soul of Caledon.

Other popular neighbourhoods that include a mix of grandiose, multi-million dollar estates and sensible, family-friendly suburban dwellings include Caledon Village, Caledon East, and Mayfield West. No matter which neighbourhood you choose to call home, your landscape is almost guaranteed to be dominated by trees, trails, and forests.

The Great Outdoors is undoubtedly Caledon’s greatest attraction. The city boasts more than 260 km of hiking and biking trails, 65 parks, and countless playgrounds, picnic areas, and ball fields. If you’re the active type, you’ll fall in love with the 35-km Caledon Trailway, which leads bikers, walkers, horseback riders, and cross-country skiers past the city’s most stunning views (the Humber and Credit Rivers, Niagara Escarpment, Oak Ridges Moraine). The city is also home to slivers of the Trans Canada Trail and the Bruce Trail Conservancy.

Hopefully you’ve been fine-tuning your horse-whispering skills, because Caledon is home to all things equestrian. The city includes numerous renowned horse training and breeding facilities, stables, ranches, and riding schools. The Caledon Equestrian Park is regarded as the region’s premiere equestrian hub and hosts more than 15 events (and 10,000 horses) annually. You don’t know the difference between a weanling and a yearling, or a filly and a mare? Living in Caledon, you soon will.

But not all the fun in Caledon happens under the sun. Featuring a vibrant and youthful arts community, the city is home to numerous galleries, studios, and theatres. The Caledon Hills Studio Tour, when the city’s artists open their studios and showcase their masterworks to the public, is an annual must-see. The Headwaters Arts Festival is an epic, 18-day celebration featuring arts shows, literature readings, workshops, and live music. The Alton Mills Arts Centre is home to a revolving door of artists and includes multiple galleries and a heritage museum. Who says you need to trek to big sister Toronto to get your fill of the fine arts?